Jeans Size 100, 5 Needles per Eco pack

Jeans Size 100, 5 Needles per Eco pack

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Organ Jeans Needles have a slim, ballpoint, which is suitable for sewing with jeans, canvas, coated fabrics, artificial leather, or similar thick materials. The slim, sharp tip reduces drag as the needle penetrates the material, preventing needle and thread breakage. For better distinction, the piston is colored blue.

Organ Needle Company is the largest industrial needle manufacturer in the world. Many sewing machines are factory shipped with these top-quality needles. 


Favorite Uses: Great for sewing on denim, canvas and other heavier fabrics, with regular sewing threads; and for heavier threads from 30 wt. to 12 wt.

Needle Point: Slim Ball Point

Needle Style: Machine

Needle Type: Jeans

Brand: Organ

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