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Three months ago when this was a thought and I was getting everything started.  I was super excited.  Couldn't believe everything was falling into place as the time passed.  There were many hiccups along the way but I learned a lot.

Then it happened.  My first order.  Then another!  It felt like everything that I was doing was for something.  When you launch something new, you just hope people pick up on it.  With the successful launch of our first month's kits, this gave me the energy to push forward.

"The greatest floods began with a single drop of rain." - Unknown

The month of September's kit was a flood for sure.  A flood of subscribers, a flood of emotions, and a flood of inspiration.  Then we had the push to get them out before Hurrican Florence showed up and that caused its own problems.  However, we got most of them out and now people are getting them today, tomorrow, and the next day.  I am so excited to be sharing my first design with you all.

As we continue with this, things will get smoother and run like a well-oiled machine.  So please bear with us as we go through our growing pains.  

If you have not signed up for the subscription yet,
you are still in luck with coupon code:
10% OFF your first monthly subscription kit!

We are working with a designer now to come up with next month's design.  Be sure to subscribe before October 10th to be part of the next month's community project!

Always remember, you can always email us if you need help with anything on our site, files, or anything about the kit.

Have a wonderful day!
Will McLeod

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