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Posted by Will McLeod on

Good Afternoon Everyone;
I wanted to reach out to let everyone know that some dates are changing.  

The old date to subscribe to the current month's kit and the date for current subscriber's cards will be charged was the 10th.  Due to my supplier needing more time as the number of subscribers increases and I need more time to build the kits, this date has been changed to the 5th of each month.  

Another update, if you want just the design, then you are in luck.  If we have the exclusive rights to the design, we will offer it on our Etsy Page, Carolina Thread Place, and you will see the designs for sale.  Just remember that you will not receive any thread or materials with the purchase of just the design.  If we do not have the exclusive rights to the design, then you can purchase from the designer at a later date.  


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